Can Fleet Managers Really Afford NOT to Hire A Fleet Washing Service?

With the new Federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates in effect, we thought it might be a good idea to look into the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to ask Professional Drivers to wash their rigs on their downtime or between runs.

How much time does it really cost for a Professional Driver to wash a big rig?

More than you might THINK!

The quick and obvious answer is that in order for drivers to wash their own tractors and trailers, first, they need the equipment to do so, then they need the soap, the sponges, the gloves, the safety glasses, the hearing protection, the clean potable water source and then....they need a safe, secure area to do the work.

Where do they find all this? 

Do most fleet managers have specific areas available on-site for professional drivers to do this kind of work?  

Are these fleet managers expecting the drivers to find all of this on their own?

And what of the costs associated with all of this power washing equipment, PPE safety equipment, efficient cleaning materials and effective drainage on site?

There just has to be a better solution to keeping the image of your fleet clean!

Can a contracted fleet washing service save money and preserve driver service hours for time behind the wheel?


In fact, when fleet managers calculate the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining power washing equipment, training drivers to use that equipment safely, and the time it takes a driver to actually wash his or her truck, successful fleet managers are finding that when drivers are responsible for washing the fleet in-house, managers are losing valuable service hours, time, and money.

Can washing the fleet off-site, at a franchised truck wash facility save time and money?

Actually, no!

Off-site truck washing bays and fleet washing services often have long lines and still take time out of the driver's hours of service.  And, with the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates in effect, time wasted is lost revenue -no if's, and's, or but's about it!

Besides being a waste of valuable time and resources, asking Drivers to work during their breaks or free time can be disastrous for Driver morale.

The time a driver spends washing a truck during a break is time not spend resting, recharging, or spending time with family which can compromise driver-safety and damage morale.

It is far more cost-effective to keep the drivers content, happy, and safely compliant with all ELD rules and requirements.

We already know the expense of losing good drivers to dissatisfaction:

  • Lost Freight Opportunities
  • Costs associated with Advertising
  • Interview Process
  • Background checks
  • Training
  • Hiring Bonuses
  • the list goes on.... 

Research indicates that safe, successful drivers don’t leave their jobs, what they leave behind is their working conditions.

Happy, safe, and successful drivers love to drive -they love being out on the road and moving safely from Point A to Point B.

That's why they do what they do! 

Provide your safe and effective drivers with a positive environment where they are rewarded for what they do best -Driving!

And leave the fleet washing and detailing services to the Professional Power Washing Services of United Mobile Power Wash, Inc.

Give your drivers the rest they've earned, the opportunity to relax on their downtime, and the professional satisfaction of operating a safe, clean vehicle on the road.

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