What Objects Should You Not Pressure Wash?

Although in many cases pressure washing things can be a great idea, there are times when it simply isn’t.  In fact, pressure washing could be a costly mistake if you use the equipment incorrectly, apply too much water pressure to something or, worst case of all, temporarily damage something instead of enhancing it. 

Here are some classic examples of things you either should never pressure wash or only pressure wash with extreme care or expertise:

Stained Wood:  Did you really mean to de-stain, if only partially, the surface in question?

Painted Surfaces:  Especially if old or sunlight-weakened, these surfaces may not withstand the onslaught.

Electrical Panels, Meters & Equipment:  Simply put, water and electricity (as well as mechanical equipment) don’t mix very well; these things may best be cleaned the old-fashioned way or not with water at all.

Asphalt Roofing:  This may help scrape off granules and destroy possibly-already-compromised roofing tiles.

People, Plants & Pets:  Depending on the pressure you’re using, pressure washers can hurt; they can also cause serious physical harm; avoid using these devices on living things—even in jest.

Insides of Vehicles:  There is no telling what you will disconnect and, anyway, water doesn’t really belong inside most engines, motors and other things inside a “hood.” 

Transportation Vehicles—Especially Classics:  Some cars should never be pressure washed; this goes for motor cycles, golf carts, bicycles, etc. You may remove paint, introduce rust, remove mechanically needed grease, or damage things internally.

Vinyl Siding:  Unless you know what you’re doing & use only moderately safe pressure, this could be a costly mistake and something that maybe should be delegated to professionals.

Mold-Vulnerable Things:  Never pressure wash something that may later develop mold, like things with areas that will later be hard to dry up completely, pressboard, sheetrock, fabric or paper-based/containing things, etc.

There is more to know about pressure washing than many people realize.  In most cases, you need to know what nozzle setting to use, how much pressure, whether to use chemicals (or not), for how long to pressure wash and which techniques are most beneficial (or destructive). Used properly and in the right context, pressure washers can be very useful; when misused or used on wrong things, however, pressure washers can be a big, expensive mistake.  If you need home power washing company or commercial pressure washing, contact the team at United Mobile Power Wash today.