Top 3 Dumpster Pad Liability Claims, And What You Can Do To Protect Your Business

broken,open trash bags in alley

Liability #1 – Parasite Infestation

Dumpsters leak. And the fluids from rotting refuse collect, pool and settle into your dumpster pad concrete, creating a ripe breeding ground for fly larvae, maggots, fruit flies, bacteria and parasitic activity of all kinds and sorts.

Each trip out to the dumpster is an invitation for bacteria, germs, and parasites to hitch a ride on the soles of your employee’s shoes. As your employees make their way back into your building, they carry these microscopic terrorists back into your kitchen, store-room, and servings areas -embedding themselves into and across the flooring throughout your entire business. From there, the disease carrying bacteria are transferred to other surfaces.

Don't let these germ-ridden, bacteria-laden parasites and disease causing vermin into your place of business.

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Liability #2 – Slip and Fall

Dumpster pads are wet, slimy, grimy and slippery -even on a dry summer day. Each time an employee makes a trash run, you are liable for their safety.  Employees who slip and fall while carrying heavy, cumbersome, bags, boxes and trash containers are likely to end up with nasty work-related injuries.

As an employer, you are responsible, and liable, in any case of a work-related injury. The business could end up paying for ambulance service, emergency room treatment, extended health care costs, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation for injuries related to a simple -and avoidable slip and fall accident.

Protect yourself, and your business, from this costly and dangerous liability. Let us send our professional cleaning crew to you! We'll clean your dumpster pad, wash your front entrance, and power wash the rear service entrance to keep your workplace safe and free of slip and fall hazards.


Liability #3 – Offensive Odors and Unsightliness

Your customers begin forming opinions about your business well before they ever step inside your doors. An unsightly dumpster pad area gives your customers a negative impression of your sanitation practices. And offensive odors wafting across your parking lot may even dissuade people from even coming inside.

Odors from rotting garbage also attract rodents, feral animals, and other critters out looking for food scraps. Once inside your dumpster, the animals root through the debris and drag random trash out across your property creating a messy, unkempt appearance. Not a good look!

No one likes to be assaulted with foul odors and an ugly, garbage-littered view. We are Pros at Keeping Your Image Clean!  And we can professionally clean your concrete, power wash your dumpster area, remove stains from your sidewalks and clean up al of your toughest challenges. Just give us a click or a call.

Save yourself the liability and potential costs associated with a dirty, unsanitary dumpster pad area.  Let us get you set up on a regular cleaning schedule.

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A clean, sanitary, attractive work place is good for business!

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