What Objects Can You Safely Clean with Pressure Washing?

If you are considering buying or renting a pressure washer, you may wonder what all you can safely clean with this tool. This may help you decide if it will be worthwhile for you to get. Here are a few of the surfaces you can clean with a pressure washer. 


A pressure washer set to a low setting can be used to clean a car. This is an effective way to remove built up gunk of your tires and rims, or remove sap or bugs that seem to be pasted on your car. However, this should only be done on a low setting and as long as you do not have peeling paint on your car. If the paint is peeling, do not use a pressure washer. 

Home Siding

Most types of home siding can be cleaned using a pressure washer. The pressure washer can remove years worth of dirt, dust and debris that is stuck to your siding. This can be done simply to clean the siding and revive its look or before the siding is painted. 

Concrete Surfaces

Your concrete surfaces, such as pool surrounds, driveways and patios, can all be cleaned with a pressure washer and a concrete soap. This helps to lift stains and dirt that can cause your concrete to look old and dirty. 

A pressure washer is a versatile tool that can clean many different types of surfaces. However, be sure to read the owner's manual to ensure you are using the pressure washer at the right setting for the type of surface you are cleaning. If you use too high of a setting, you can damage the surface of the item you are trying to clean.

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