"Rolling Out The Red Carpet" For Your Customers

From the goo on your shoe -to the floor of your store. 
Getting into your business shouldn't be a sticky, gooey mess. 

"Rolling Out The Red Carpet" For Your Customers - Blog - United Mobile Power Wash - Concrete_Cleaning

You know how easy it is for your customers to spend their money shopping online these days.

It’s tough to get folks into your shop, or storefront.

Create an entrance that invites people in.

Share the passion you cultivate inside your shop, market, or local store, by showing some pride in your store’s exterior appearance.

  • Power wash your sign.
  • Power wash your awning.
  • Keep your store windows clean.
  • Power Wash the gum off your sidewalk.
  • Display decorative planters with bright, colorful flowers alongside your front door.
  • Install a bench, or casual seating in front of your building to attract pedestrian traffic.
  • Power wash the dumpster pad out back to keep the bad smells where the bad smells belong!

"Roll Out The Red Carpet" for your customers. 
Keep the entrance to your shop clean, and inviting.

An attractive exterior will bring customers into your beautiful interior.

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