Your Vehicle Represents Your Brand Image

Did you know that the average American spends over 67 hours a year stuck in traffic (source)?

Here's the breakdown from transportation analytics firm Inrix.

  • Los Angeles -- 81 hours/year
  • Washington, D.C. -- 75 hours
  • San Francisco -- 75 hours
  • Houston -- 74 hours
  • New York -- 73 Hours
  • Seattle, Wash. -- 66 hours
  • Boston -- 64 hours
  • Chicago -- 60 hours
  • Atlanta -- 59 hours
  • Honolulu -- 49 hours

That's an awful lot of people with nothing to do, spending an awful lot of time staring at your logo on the side of your semi-tractor-trailer, your delivery truck, or Sprinter van.

The image of your delivery and transport vehicles represents the image of your company -your Brand.

Your Vehicle Represents Your Brand Image - Blog - United Mobile Power Wash - large_fleet

Are you happy with the image of your Brand on the front, sides, and back-doors of those trucks?

What message do those vehicles send to your customers?

Does your Brand appear Clean? -Organized? -Orderly and Safe? 

What message does your Brand's Image convey?

You Have An Image -We Keep It Clean

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