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United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. is the hub of a nationwide power washing network. Ever since our beginning in 1987, we have been working with some of the industry’s top power washers. Want to join our professional network and become a United Affiliate? Let us know!

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Receive New Business Opportunities

When you join our nationwide power washing network, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits—including expanded power washing business opportunities. When new power washing jobs come to us, we’ll call you! Our United Affiliates benefit from a constant stream of power washing business. Even if jobs don’t come from us, you may also receive business from other United Affiliates in your area. 

Utilizing our United Affiliate network gives you the chance to expand your business, increase revenue, and offer service in new areas.

Customer Relations

While you’re out there in the field, we’ll be taking care of the customer’s needs. Our corporate team believes that customer loyalty comes from building reliable, positive relationships with our customers.

We know that many large, multi-location corporations like to do business with a vendor who can handle all their locations, accounting needs, and concerns in one streamlined process. That’s what our customer relations team does best! So while you’re doing your power washing, you can leave all the complicated customer relation needs to us. Just show up, power wash, and leave the rest to us.


Collections and Invoicing

We want to make things easy for our United Affiliates. It’s hard enough to maintain your equipment, keep an eye on your wash schedule, and drive from customer to customer. Invoicing and customer payments are another headache for you, so let us handle it.

We use the latest bookkeeping software to account for customer payments, expedited invoicing, and payment processing. Our customer service team takes care of customer follow-ups and payment tracking, so you don’t have to worry about late payments.

Support and Assistance 

As a United Affiliate, you're part of an association of power washing contractors who are just like you. You and your fellow Affiliates can band together to cover each other’s schedules, if needed. Many of our Affiliates share larger clients, cover each other’s accounts on certain days, or pitch in when a workload becomes unmanageable. As a result, our United Affiliates can rest assured knowing that their customers are taken care of, even when emergencies or family matters happen.

Requirements for United Affiliates

As a United Affiliate, you will be working with independent owner-operators just like you. As such, we require all independent contractors to meet these requirements:


  1. High Integrity. A business is only as good as its people. That’s why we want to ensure our contractors are of high integrity and match our company’s values. To that end, our Affiliates and their employees must pass a seven-year background check.
  2. Reliability. Our customers expect us to show up on time, ready to work. We ask that all our Affiliates do their best to stick to their schedule. But we also understand that sometimes emergencies happen. When you can’t service a customer, please let us know so we can notify them.
  3. Use the Mobile Wash App. United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. uses a mobile app that is required for all payment submissions. This helps us provide our customers with accurate wash acknowledgments and expedite their invoicing and payments.
  4. Agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement. We ask that you sign our agreement, which outlines that you will be operating as an independent contractor and not as an employee. The agreement also discusses our dual noncompete information, which states that we will not engage with any clients that you are already actively serving. Vice versa, we ask that you do not perform additional work for a United customer without our knowledge. Our dual noncompete allows us to complement your business operations, not disrupt them.
  5. Maintain Operating Capital. All our independent contractors should keep a comfortable amount of operating capital, which allows them to service our customers without financial strain.
  6. Maintain Insurance. We ask that all our contractors hold General Liability insurance and that United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. is listed as an additional insured. If you hire extra work, you must maintain workers’ compensation as required by your state.
  7. Pricing and Contractor Payment. United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. strives to offer profitable jobs to our contractors. You have the right to accept or reject any job we offer you. If you do accept, the customer will be invoiced. We allow customers a net term of 30 days unless otherwise stated. United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. will provide a weekly direct deposit for payments received during that week.

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Company Information:

Bridget Mahrle, President
Gordon Mahrle, Vice President
Paul D’Arcy, Director of Corporate Development
Rachel Mahrle, Finance Director
Lara Tannian, Executive Assistant 

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