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Fleet & Truck Washing: Southfield, MI | United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. - 1Always Look Your Best with Efficient and Affordable Power Washing for your Trucks and Fleet.

Whether you're delivering priority packages, fresh food, beverages, or common freight; your vans, trucks and tractor-trailers are the first line of advertising for your company. Add graphics, and they become rolling billboards that represent you, your company, and your maintenance program. 

Always make a good impression! United Mobile Power Wash specializes in offering customized fleet washing programs that will keep your trucks and heavy equipment looking spotless. Whether you need regular washing for your fleet at a single location, or several locations throughout the country, we have the professionals with the expertise to keep your image clean. We have been washing FedEx Express and several other regional companies for over 25 years, so we know what it takes to provide consistent, reliable service year-round.

Your Single Source Vendor

United Mobile Power Wash is your single point of contact for all your fleet washing needs. With one call, we will secure wash teams for each of your locations, provide electronic invoicing, maintain open lines of communication, and regularly verify your satisfaction. Our far-reaching network of mobile power washing experts and reliable in-house scheduling and customer service team makes working with us a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish. Not to mention, our mobile crews are reliable, friendly, professional, and will always ensure that the job is done right.

We go the Extra Mile to Ensure Environmental Compliance Guidelines

Just as you have the responsibility to ensure that your business is following all environmental regulatory guidelines, we have a responsibility to protect our environment. As one of the largest power washing providers, United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. continually monitors local, state and federal Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) guidelines for environmentally safe and approved power washing practices. We know how to handle the unique challenges of collecting wash water and we can offer you a custom solution for your washing needs. Our specialized cleaning solutions are designed to provide a deep, thorough clean, while also being gentle on sensitive equipment and materials.

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Keep your equipment looking spotless wherever it goes, contact United Mobile Power Wash today for nationwide fleet power washing.