Introduction to United

Join The Largest Most Reliable Network of Professional Power Washers!

United Mobile Power Wash is a network of professional power washers. Since 1987 we have aligned ourselves with some of the best washing contractors in the industry.

Contractors  - United Mobile Power Wash - AdobeStock_65099185New Business

As a United Affiliate, when wash opportunities are presented to us, you will be our first call. We work with our affiliates to create the most competitive bid and provide all the post bid follow-up for the best shot of securing the business.

You may also receive new business opportunities from fellow United Affiliates who have opportunities to share within your service area.

By being a part of the largest most reliable network of independent contractors, you also have an opportunity to expand your business by offering your customers service in areas where your fellow United Affiliates do business.

Contractors  - United Mobile Power Wash - service-levelCustomer Relations

Strong customer relationships is the foundation of customer loyalty. Our staff is experienced in establishing and maintaining positive relationships with our customers.

Large corporations with multiple locations, enjoy doing business with a quality vendor who is able to service all of their locations. It streamlines their accounting process and when situations arise, they only have to make one call to address a concern, provide feedback or adjust scheduling for one or multiple locations.

While you are out doing what you do best, you can be assured we are at the ready to address any customer need, concern or request on your behalf.

Invoicing and Collections

It’s tough enough to stay on top of your wash schedules, maintain your equipment and run around town on estimates let alone do your invoicing and past due follow-up calls.

United utilizes the latest accounting software to expedite invoicing and payment processing.

We regularly track and follow-up with our customers to ensure payment is received promptly.

Contractors  - United Mobile Power Wash - AdobeStock_213052190Support and Assistance

As a United Affiliate you belong to a brotherhood of cleaning contractors who are able to work together and support one another when needed. Some of our Affiliates share larger accounts, some cover one another’s accounts so they can take a well-deserved vacation or spend time with family during medical situations. These Affiliates feel confident that their customers are in good hands while they tend to what matters most - family.

Requirements of Affiliation

As an independent owner operator and affiliate of United Mobile Power Wash, you are working with a team of independents who have made a commitment to work with a company known for their professionalism.

The following is a list of requirements that all independents agree to.

  1. Operators must be of good character
    Any business is only as good as the people in it. You'll find that this organization possesses a high level of integrity. All of our affiliates and their employees who work inside our customer facilities are required to pass a 7 year felony background check.

  2. Reliable
    Customers depend on us to give them service as promised. We understanding in your line of work, weather and repairs to your wash rigs play a huge role in servicing customers. When service to a United customer is interrupted, we require affiliates to notify our corporate office so the customer can be notified.

  3. Mobile Wash APP
    To provide the customers with accurate and professional wash acknowledgements and to expedite invoicing and payment, United utilizes a mobile app that is a required for all submissions for payment.

  4. Independent Contractor Agreement 
    United affiliates agree to our Independent Contractor Agreement. This document outlines that you are an independent contractor and not an employee.

    Our agreement also outlines our dual non-compete. United’s sole purpose is to compliment your business not compete with it. United will not engage in any business that you are actively servicing or actively negotiating. You in turn will not perform any additional business with a United customer without our knowledge.

  5. Operating Capital
    Independents should maintain sufficient operating capital. Doing so will ensure you are able to operate your business without financial hindrances.

  6. Insurance
    Contractors must maintain General Liability Insurance with United listed as an additional insured. Contractors who have hired help must maintain Workman’s Compensation as required by the State in which they do business.

  7. Pricing & Contractor Payment 
    United will work to secure jobs that are profitable to the contractor. The independent contractor has the right to accept or decline any job offered.

    Upon timely receipt of your wash submission via the mobile app, the customer will be invoiced. United allows its customers a net term of 30 days (unless customer policy dictates otherwise). United will process a weekly Direct Deposit to contractors for payments that have been received that week.

If our organization seems like a good fit for you and your business – Fill out the Contractor Info Form to the right.

Company Information: 
Bridget Mahrle, President
Gordon Mahrle, Vice President 
Paul D’Arcy, Director of Corporate Development 
Rachel Mahrle, Finance Director
Lara Tannian, Executive Assistant 

United Mobile Power Wash
21421 Hilltop #25
Southfield, Mi. 48033
800-451-8684 Toll Free
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