Residential Power Washing

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The exterior of your home typically requires more extensive cleaning than is possible with your average household tools. Sure, you can soap and rinse your deck, siding, gutters, and lawn furniture, but it won’t give it the like-new appearance that you get with professional power washing. Furthermore, homeowners can make the mistake of renting a power washer only to find that using the wrong nozzle or cleaning agent can permanently damage their home, deck or concrete. Trust the professionals at United Mobile Power Wash to take care of your exterior cleaning needs.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach

When you choose United Mobile Power Wash to clean your home and property, you’ll get a deep, refreshing clean and peace of mind knowing we are taking every precaution to ensure there is no damage. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and our soft-wash water system is designed to be gentle on all surfaces, while still remaining highly effective. When our cleaning is complete, your home and landscaping will be rinsed thoroughly for a complete clean.

Remove Dangerous Mold and Mildew

Did you know that fungus spores from mold and mildew could cause serious respiratory illnesses? A common source of these spores is excess mold growth on walkways, porches, and steps that is unknowingly being tracked into your home where it becomes trapped. We can clean your concrete and brick surfaces to eliminate all mold growth, restore a like-new appearance, and prevent future mold growth.

We offer affordable pricing for complete residential power washing:

Up to 1000 sq ft 
$395 - $450

Up to 1500 sq ft 
$495 - $550

Up to 2000 sq ft 
$595 - $650

Up to 2500 sq ft 
$695 - $850

2501 sq ft and up
Call for pricing


For the leading source of power washing, contact United Mobile Power Wash today to restore your home, deck, patio, and walkways to their like-new appearance.