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Our Beginnings

United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. began in 1987 with Dennis D’Arcy, our founder. He dreamed of creating a business that involved his whole family. So, he worked with his wife Ann and his four sons to create United Mobile Power Wash, Inc., a power washing company that serves fleets and commercial businesses.

In 2000, Dennis and Ann retired and passed the company on to their daughter, Bridget (D’Arcy) Mahrle. After Bridget joined, she quickly fell in love with Gordon Mahrle, one of our first washing contractors! With Gordon’s 28 years of cleaning experience and Bridget’s can-do attitude, United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. quickly grew. Now we are one of the nation’s most well-known names for power washing and commercial cleaning.

In 2010, another family member joined the company. Bridget and Gordon’s daughter Rachel began working as United Mobile Power Wash, Inc.’s office manager. She inherited an entrepreneurial nature from her parents and started her own virtual assistant business, ProfitNet, LLC. She uses this business to support billing and invoicing for United Mobile Power Wash, Inc. and several other independent contractors.

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